Pearls and Lace

Weddings are unique. Weddings are an individual expression of ones style for their special day. It is important as a designer to find that sense of style for each individual couple. It starts with a consultation, a chance for the bride and myself to talk about flowers, colors and style.

Glamorous — Dramatic, leading lady, jet-setter — This style could incorporate vibrant colors and accents that will grab attention. Using exotic and proper blooms will give you that glamorous feel with a dramatic touch.

Romantic — Feminine, Princess, Dreamy — The mood is enchanting and magical. Giving your bouquet lace accents give it a very romantic and feminine feel. Floral Arches and gold accents designed in roses, irises, sweet peas and peonies are styles and flowers that will make your wedding feel romantic

Classic — Timeless, Elegant, Ladylike — Round and sculptured bouquets with accents of pearl pins help a classic bride feel more traditional and timeless. Ivory, white and pastel colors are very classic and give a sophisticated and elegant feel. Roses, Calla Lilies, Peonies, French Tulips, Stephanotis and Gardenias are all Classic floral blooms.

Modern — Minimalist, Trendy, Simple Chic — Bold and minimal with a classy twist give you a fresh fashion-forward Modern wedding. Using monochromatic floral arrangements for both personal and decor, you can really show your modern style. Having Centerpieces with a single bloom really says minimalist chic. Orchids, Cosmos and Mini Calla Lilies are the best modern blooms.

Bohemian — Ethereal, Earthy, Free Spirit — A bohemian bride is both a wild child and yet somewhat zen. She embraces the earth and all it has to offer. Choosing arrangements that are oversized and loosely arranged with berries, herbs and mixed greens will give you a more free and earthy feel. Giving texture and mixtures of colors create an overgrown gorgeous look. Twigs, branches, fruits and vegetables are great ways to show hot trends in a bohemian style. Thistles, grasses, fragrant herbs, pods, wildflowers and sunflowers are the best blooms to use.

Beach Casual — Relaxed, Breezy, Pure — If a destination wedding is not in the budget bring the beach to Minnesota. Sunset hues and blues will help create a sensual and serene whimsical wedding. Long floral bouquets wrapped in raffia or twine will give you a relaxed and lush island-style wedding. Accenting with all things beachy, sea shells, starfish, sand and floating candles give you a by-the-lake touch. Find floral arrangements with delphinium, orchids, roses, dahlias and daffodils this will help you create a beach casual feel.

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